Administrative Law

Administrative law is one of the most complex and difficult laws, as it needs accuracy and great attention to detail. We are here facing a law that governs the work of the executive bodies and the administrative decisions they make, all with regard to the public interest as well as the extent to which these decisions achieve justice for the individuals who affected by them or their consequences.

Our team has high experience in this particular field of law. We are working hard to follow up all Decided Cases and Judgments of the Palestinian High Court of Justice and other Administrative Courts in the other countries, we review these Decided Cases and judgments and study them thoroughly.

We provide our services in this field in relation to preparing and filing appeals against administrative decisions before the Supreme Court of Justice, whether those related to the public employment, or those related to the public interest, or even those related to elections, and other types of administrative decisions.

If you think that you have been wronged by an administrative decision that did not take into account the public interest, we are the best for you.

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