Banking law, Finance, and Securities law.

MAQAM Law Firm maintains a solid knowledge and experience in providing clients both domestic and international, with a full range of legal services on banking and financing transactions. Given our legal and business knowledge and skills, the advice provided by us usually contains both legal and business aspects of the transaction.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the Banking Law and Basel Standards, Securities Law, the Palestinian Monetary Authority law and regulations regarding the monetary regime in Palestine, and other related legislation and regulations.

Our role includes, inter alia, reviewing and revising the transactions, conducting comprehensive legal due diligence, assisting the parties in completing the necessary paperwork and providing the client comprehensive legal advice with our findings and recommendations.

This work also includes public and private M&A, joint ventures and restructurings, regulatory compliance, investigations and disputes, debt and equity recovery, tax advisory, liquidation, and insolvency assistance.

With MAQAM you are guaranteed the highest standards of banking and finance expertise to deliver high-quality service and an effective approach to all your banking and financial transactions.

Banking law, Finance and Securities law | MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services