Competition & Antitrust law

Antitrust and Competition laws are rapidly evolving around the world, and companies are facing new risks and challenges in keeping up with the complex and changing rules. The penalties for failing to comply can be severe, while the companies which are looking to expand, need to defend themselves against attacks from competitors and antitrust agencies and want to keep their businesses focused on commercial issues rather than on litigation and investigations. 

Despite the fact that the Palestinian Competition Law is still a draft that has not yet been approved and enforced in Palestine, this does not mean that there are no practices that constitute a monopoly and unfair competition between companies and commercial projects. Fortunately, the general framework of the Palestinian legislation contains some legal solutions to such practices in which our team at MAQAM Law Firm possesses comprehensive and profound knowledge of it and its practical applications that can help clients to invoke their rights through the judiciary and arbitral tribunals.

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