Health & Pharmaceuticals Laws, Medical Mistakes and Medical Malpractice

Access to the best health and medical care is an inherent right of every person, and at the same time, Doctors, Pharmacists, and Health Care providers' reputation is an essential pillar of their professions. We at MAQAM Law Firm fully understand this issue, which enables us to find a balance between the interests of both parties and provide the necessary legal protection to both.

Our Palestinian health legal system addresses wide-ranging issues related to the Medical and Pharmacological field in terms of the Public Health Law, Laws of Doctors Syndicates in their various specialties and their bylaws, as well as the law of Pharmacists Syndicate and their bylaws, and the other similar and related Legislation, and the Medical and Health Protection and Safety Law that covers and addresses issues of Medical Mistakes and Medical and Health Malpractice, In addition to the Civil Violations Law, which sets the rules for compensation for errors and damages. Where we consider as a Leading Law Firm in this area of law.

On the other hand, with regard to Medicines, Medical Equipment, and Devices, starting from importing and registering them in Palestine and obtaining the necessary approvals in this regard, as well as protecting the rights of Pharmaceutical brands and patents.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Commercial and Medical Laws and Intellectual Property Laws in force in Palestine enables us to provide the best-integrated service to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Companies, including legal advice, import and licensing procedures for medicines and medical devices, and other services related to the medical sector in Palestine.

We always strive to excel and to be a pioneer law firm in this very specialized area of law in order to provide the best legal consultation and representation for our clients.

Health & Pharmaceuticals Laws, Medical Mistakes and Medical Malpractice | MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services