Municipal Laws & Local Gov. Regulations

Our team at MAQAM Law Firm possesses a distinguished status from other lawyers by a comprehensive knowledge of laws, regulations, and bylaws of municipalities and local councils, and precise procedural knowledge of the foundations and reasons for administrative decisions made by them and the extent of its achievement of public interest, in addition to litigation before municipal courts and administrative appeals before the Palestinian Supreme Court of Justice regarding the decisions, activities, and work of these bodies and councils.

Besides, we are distinguished by our knowledge of the issues of the public-private partnership (PPP) and other Privatization, Licensing, and Concession Agreements and Administrative Contracts such as Service Contracts, BOT, BOO, and BOOT schemes and others, as well as the other joint ventures to which municipalities and local councils are a party.

With MAQAM Law Firm you will have access to integrated legal services, whether for municipalities and local councils or citizens affected by municipal decisions or partners from the private sector.

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