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MAQAM joins the world's largest network of international lawyers (AEA)

MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services announces with pride and pleasure that it has joined the largest network of international lawyers in the world: INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS NETWORK / Asociación Europea de Abogados


AEA International Lawyers Network

The AEA International Lawyers Network is known as the largest international lawyers network in the world. Founded in the European Union and has strong roots in Europe, and with time the network expanded on a global basis, and it is considered the only lawyers' network that covers every country from 196 independent countries in the world, as there are about 760 legal offices around the world who are members of the network and includes Around 5,000 attorneys.

The International Lawyers Network is characterized by having a rigorous process for selecting its members in international law firms, whereby law firms are carefully selected according to the network's selection criteria, which evaluate the professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness of each law firm that is chosen, and all law firms that are members of the network value work ethics and professional honesty. The network is very strict in this regard, as it aims to reach high quality of work and exceptional ethical and professional standards without interruption, with the intention of continuing to provide public legal services that are based on a uniform quality of ethical standards.

MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services

MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services is honored to have become an official member of the AEA International Lawyers Network, as this step comes in the implementation of our professional principles at work, which a large part of it is the endeavor to strengthen relations and connections with international lawyers and practice legal work at the international level through forming friendships, partnerships, and cooperative relationships with international law firms and lawyers, joining international organizations and networks specialized in this regard, as well as contracting with foreign law firms, associations and companies with the aim of we still able to provide our services to our clients wherever they are. We provide legal and consulting services to local and foreign individuals and companies.

The ongoing globalization is pushing companies and individuals to increasingly rely on legal representation around the world. Through our membership in this network, we work continuously to establish and strengthen our professional relationships with practicing attorneys around the world.

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