Real Estate & Property

Real estate is one of the most vital sectors in Palestine, which has been witnessing notable growth in recent years.


We at MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services enjoy deep knowledge and thorough practice in this area of law within the legal system regarding real estate and properties in Palestine.

As we provide a wide range of real estate services for both individuals and corporate clients, and our services include but are not limited to:

Sales and Purchase Transactions: Our Law Firm provides high-level legal advice in this type of transactions, as our service includes (according to the client's desire) negotiating with the other party to increase the desired value of the transaction, and providing due diligence to ensure that the client obtains what he seeks from the real estate transaction, and representing the client in all transaction procedures until its completion and transferring the consideration to his account (if he is a seller) or registering the ownership and handing him the title deed (if he is a buyer).

Real Estate & Property | MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services

Inheritance: Our service in this regard is the distribution of inheritance shares and follow-up with the Sharia courts/Family courts for the purpose of obtaining succession order/hasir irth among the heirs, following up with the surveyors for the division and separation of the inheritance shares and their distribution to the heirs, and follow-up with the land and property registration department, property tax department, and other competent authorities.


Real Estate Investment: In this field, we provide our services represented in preparing, drafting and reviewing real estate investment agreements for land and real estate, and exerting due diligence in order to protect the rights of our clients and help them obtain the maximum possible benefit from these agreements.


Settlement (Tasweyeh): in this regards we provide legal services related to the settlement of lands that are not registered and/or subjected to the settlement process by submitting allegations to the competent settlement departments, following up the allegations, submitting objections lawsuits and representing our clients before the courts for the purpose of obtaining a title deed in the properties and lands.


Real Estate Disputes:  We have extensive experience in providing services related to all forms of real estate disputes that may occur, and this includes, for example, real estate fraud; Inheritance disputes; disputes before the settlement departments and courts; cancellation of the sale; and disputes related to proxies and other disputes.

Property Division: in this field we instituting lawsuits to divide the jointly owned lands, removing the commonality therein, distributing shares among the partners, obtaining a final judgment on the division of lands and real estate, and determining the shares of each partner in the plot of land and/or real estate jointly owned.


Property Management: Our services in this regard, including following up on all real estate affairs, such as Leasing; Rent collection from tenants; Evicting tenants and managing the relationship with them; Valuation of real estate through subcontracting with real estate appraisers; Property settlement; Timely follow-up and payment of property and municipal taxes; Issuance of title deeds; Taking pictures of the property upon request; And contracting with professionals to perform maintenance of real estate when needed and other various services as desired by the client, and more.


In addition, we providing various specialized legal advice in this field upon request to answer all questions and inquiries of our clients.