Our team of Palestinian attorneys acquired great and unique legal experience through Internships and working for the best law firms in Palestine, in addition, there are four attorneys from our team who holds master's degrees in "Law" and "Law & Economics.


Ammar Aweidah

Attorney at Law

Specialized in Real Estate Laws, Corporate Law, Commercial disputes, Insurance Law, and Labor Law


Aya Fakhreddine

Attorney at Law

Specialized in civil law, Sharia law, family law, and women's rights

Sayel Jabareen - MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services

Sayel Jabareen

Legal Translator

Remarkable legal translator specializes in the Hebrew Language

Mahmoud Turabi - MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services

Mahmoud Turabi

Attorney at Law

Specializes in civil cases, compensation, commercial disputes, intellectual property, contract law, and startups.


Asim Ka'k

Attorney at Law

Specialized in civil law and litigation, in addition to his experience in Real Estate, Family Law, Inheritance Law.

Mohannad Dawood - MAQAM Legal & Consulting Services

Mohannad Dawood

Attorney at Law

Specialized in Legal consulting, Criminal Law, Execution Law and Contracts Drafting


Nabeel Abdullah

Attorney at Law

Specialized in real estate laws, in addition to his remarkable expertise in Insurance Law.